Abby Langner

Abby is a part-time freelance web developer and technical trainer, specializing in custom front-end web development and one-on-one career training. Since her very first web site back in 1998, she knew the web was home. She has also taught high school math, and likes to keep one foot in the education world. Offline, Abby likes to cook, fly kites, and stay active in politics. She lives in Omaha with her husband and young daughter.

Twitter: @abbydawn


Josh Collinsworth

Josh Collinsworth is a Happiness Engineer at Flywheel, a WordPress instructor for Interface School, a freelance graphic designer and web developer, and all around a pretty decent guy once you get used to his puns.

Twitter: @jjcollinsworth

Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon is a Front-End Web Developer for Venel here in Omaha and mentors students for Interface School. He can’t get enough code so he also leads foundation courses at DoSpace ranging from HTML/CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap. When he isn’t coding you can catch him at a local brewery.

Twitter: @nicholasjgordon

Rob Ruiz

Rob Ruiz has been doing web design/development for over 10 years now and a WordPress user for four years. Developing plugins and themes for a little over a year. Rob also does a lot of graphic design, animation and UI/UX design.

Rob has spent the last year working on an extremely customized WordPress site, High School Impressions, that features around 7 custom plugins. The plugins needed to achieve desired functionality for the online business range from advanced custom post types to larger plugin-based mods for Woocommerce.

He is also the owner of Bizzle Designs, which specializes in extremely customized WordPress-based websites for small-to-medium-sized businesses of all kinds.

Twitter: @bizzledesigns


Scott Kinney

Scott currently works at Venel, an Orthopaedic Marketing company, here in Omaha. As a VP of Interactive, Scott helps lead a team of passionate developers in making websites and platforms for their clients.

Outside of work, Scott is passionate about the tech/design communities in Omaha. He is also an avid coffee drinker, adventure person, and learning enthusiast. Scott is enjoying the experience of leading this year’s WordCamp team and cannot wait to see the event continue to grow.

Twitter: @SKinney_design

Matthew Holt

I’m an energetic, empathetic, and ambitious designer and developer pushing myself to perfect my craft. I know I will never reach this illusive goal but I tenaciously pursue this goal anyways. I want to be the best I can be, but I want to develop others be their best also. I seek to achieve this goal by constantly learning from others, humbly accepting feedback, but also being willing to defend my work when needed.

I have a passion for my craft and a propensity for both numbers and colors that makes me a force to be reckoned with. I love being challenged, which drives me to continually learn and improve my skills both as a creative and as a person.

Twitter: @holtning