Ben Moore: WordCamp 2017 Speaker

Our next speaker has 4 years of experience working for one of the more well-known companies involved with WordPress, WP Engine, as a Customer Experience Operations Business Intelligence Developer.

Ben is also the Founder, Owner, and Operator of SkyPress, a WP Consulting company; and is currently developing the WAR Framework ( ): a solution for creating Web Applications with WordPress.

The goal of his talk is to have you start considering WordPress as more than just a CMS, but an entire Framework capable of producing anything we can imagine when partnered with JavaScript and the Rest API.

Read more about Ben’s presentation here.

One thought on “Ben Moore: WordCamp 2017 Speaker

  1. Hi,Bens mama is my first cousin(sister),and I’ve allways known he was ment for greatness.YOU GO BEN!SO PROUD.

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