Call for Speakers

Deadline for speaker submissions is July 28th!

If you’d like to propose multiple topics, please submit the form multiple times, once for each topic.

We’re looking for people who fit the following criteria:

A love of WordPress

It is a conference about WordPress, after all. While we are looking for a wide variety of topics, please make sure your submission is in some way relevant to WordPress.

A love of the community

WordCamps are all about giving back. Our speakers, organizers and volunteers are not compensated for their time or expenses, so it would be best if you want to give back!

A love of your topic

More than that, really… you need passion and experience to really get your point across. Regardless of why you love your chosen topic, we love that you love it!

A love of speaking

We don’t require previous speaking experience…. but you will be presenting to a large group of your peers, and will be recorded for WordPress TV.

A love of the GPL

If you distribute WordPress-derivative works, your users should enjoy the same freedoms that WordPress itself provides. In other words, your products should be 100% GPL or compatible.

That’s Me! What Now?

Fill out the form below. Feel free to submit multiple topics (one form per topic, please). Most talk slots will be 45-50 minutes, which means that your talk should be 30-40 minutes with time for questions at the end.

One thought on “Call for Speakers

  1. Hello – My team at Stone Fin Technology fits the above description. We are considering session on creating plugins – like from the ground up. We’d do alive demonstration on how you can have a simple plugin working within 20 minutes, and then proceed to drop in code snippets that provide a really cool simple Google places integration that provides a shortcode that can be used to automatically display the business hours/locations/pin drops within the wordpress site. We’ll have all the source available on GitHub ahead of time. We’d love to present whatever makes sense. If this doesn’t seem applicable, let me know and we’ll cook up other topics. – NOTE if you have a need for a longer session – we can easily make this a 90 min presentation…

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